Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Since when did ministry be come all about me and not He?  It really tweaks me when someone gets all upset me cause the ministry they planned is being ruined by someone else - especially when that someone else is who the minister is ministering to.  Get over yourselves people.  Let God run his plan - not yours.

If someone does something well and your plan is not working out as well, please don't get angry and/or jealous.  Don't try to plot ministers against each other.  Try not to put yourself above all others.

Keep Jesus first.  If other ministers are having trouble or appear to be straying from the path, help them.  Don't bash them.  Pray for them.

When you speak about ministering and you have to use the words I, ME, MY or MINE, you are not ministering to others - or for God.  When you are a minister you need to put yourself last.

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