Sunday, February 1, 2009

Set List Shame

I’m posting this worship service review in collaboration with other worshipers in the “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival at FredMcKinnon.Com”.

This week my Sunday worship was not my ordinary worship experience.  Typically, I attend the Sunday evening - 5:30 mass.  This week my family decided to attend the Saturday evening - 5:30 mass.  The Sunday evening mass is our contemporary, I know the songs and sing along.  It comes towards the end of a long church day for me.  I generally sit up-front and I am tuned in.  I generally get recharged at this mass.

This week was different.  Saturday I spent the day at Lay Ministry training and was drained when I got home - sitting all day in class is for young people.  We had already decided to go to Saturday night mass as a family - due to the Super Bowl we do not have Sunday evening faith formation programming.  During the school year we rarely go to mass together because I am busy at Faith Formation all Sunday morning and the family goes to 10:30 mass.  The Saturday night mass is the "old person" (older than me) mass.  Music is very traditional.  I basically yawned through the entire service.  I do remember the 1st scripture was from Deuteronomy and the sermon was about mental illness and demonic possession.  Because I am not going to my regular service tonight, I am missing our new priest and his dynamic lessons.

I pray next week is better.

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